Letter from the Chief Physician Executive

Dear Colleagues,

More than ever the COVID-19 Pandemic has demonstrated the need for a strong ambulatory approach to care for sick and vulnerable patients. While the most high risk and afflicted patients require emergency and hospital care, through the COVID-19 Ambulatory Work Group we have endeavored to create a standardized approach to care for ambulatory patients with COVID-19.

During the course of the COVID-19 Pandemic we have learned to change, adapt, and apply new information to our protocols as we learn more about evidence based treatments for COVID-19.

By using a standardized approach for high risk patients that do not yet require hospitalization:

  • We worked to reduce morbidity and mortality and “bend the curve” of hospitalization and emergency department care.
  • We accomplished this by close clinical follow-up, virtual video visits, where indicated adjunctive care coordination and home care; home oxygen monitoring and therapy; and in certain cases monoclonal antibody infusions.
  • We assisted the Physician Enterprise Practices across CommonSpirit Health develop the necessary work flows to provide COVID-19 Vaccination.
  • As the pandemic continues many patients develop late sequelae from acute COVID-19 infection which requires a standardized evaluation and management process for patients with late sequelae of COVID-19.

Our gratitude to the many providers and support teams who have worked hard to create these COVID-19 Ambulatory Protocols. In this case it takes a village. Emblematic to the entire pandemic we expect and thank our teams for their ability to adjust our course as the pandemic itself evolves.

Gary Greensweig

Gary Greensweig

Gary Greensweig, DO FAAFP
System SVP / Chief Physician Executive
Physician Enterprise
CommonSpirit Health™